Bringing New Color to Books

At Indigo, we're all about color--the easy curve of an author's black letters, the splash of hue in his descriptions, the colorful annotations her writing group leaves in the margins, our editing marks scratched into the spaces between the lines, and finally the palette available for the author's name across the book cover. But we steer clear of the harsh criticisms many writers associate with an editor's red pen. We prefer the complementary indigo ink to coach, guide, and draw out the author's best work. We are bringing new color to books.

We provide a variety of professional services to help authors polish their manuscripts and prepare them for submission to traditional publishers or professional publisher their books themselves.

What's New?

Our classes nurture your writing pursuits while offering tips on the business side. Join us to help your creative brain mesh with your marketing mind to ensure the success of your writing endeavors.

Visit the classes page for details.

Mini Sledgehammers
Join us for these crash writing contests to chip away writer's block! Events include a 36-minute on-the-spot contest with four writing prompts, readings by all contestants, and prizes. Arrive a few minutes early to make sure your name gets on the sign-up sheet—and to get a glass of wine or a cheese plate or to browse the bookshelves, of course! All events are free, open to the public, and a great way to get your writing juices flowing, even if you don't consider yourself a writer.

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