Creative Leaps: 50 Jumping-Off Points for Writing

New book by Indigo Founder Ali Shaw


There’s something extraordinary about starting with a blank page and a prompt-or several-and launching into a story, just seeing where it takes you. Even in a group of writers, with every one receiving the same prompt, writing for the same amount of time, every writer in that group will craft scenes that are drastically different. No two stories are even close to the same.

The fifty writing prompts in this journal are here to guide you in taking this magical creative leap. You can use them to lead you in writing about your own life in memoir, or you can apply them to your main character-or a minor one-in fiction. You can choose one prompt, and if you feel inspired, go with it. Or you can choose two, three, or four, group them, and see what comes out.

No matter where these prompts take your stories, they’ll keep you coming back to the page, to the space of immense pos-sibility and magical story.

50 writing prompts, 300 pages, grid paper, page numbers

ISBN: 979-8990219106

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Write Book (Check).

Now What?

by Indigo Founder Ali Shaw


When you’ve placed that final period on the final page of your magnificent manuscript, the rush can be exhilarating. You’ve written your book! But at some point the questions kick in: What do I do with it? How do I get it published?

The publishing industry is confounding to many people, but this short guide will help demystify it. You’ll learn the difference between traditional publishing and independent publishing, the pros and cons of each, and what to consider when determining which path is best for you. With this practical guide for pursuing publication, you’ll be well on your way to seeing your book out in the world.

ISBN: 978-0-578-99518-2

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ISBN: 979-8-218-08777-7

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Ali Shaw is the founder and executive editor of Indigo: Editing, Design, and More, which has aided more than a thousand books on the path to publication, from blockbusters like Kim Barnouin’s Skinny Bitch Bakery to diverse voices like Nastashia Minto’s Naked to legacy stories published just for the authors’ family and friends. Ali attests that there are few feelings as great as the joy in seeing an author read from their book on tour.

A teacher and former bookseller, Ali is also staff for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association annual trade show and a passionate supporter of writing communities. She is an avid hiker in Oregon, where she lives with her husband, three kids, dogs, and cat.