Beyond Indigo

Although Indigo proudly offers most services an author or publisher might need, there are a few we do not provide but which you might find helpful or necessary in your publishing process. Here we list a few vendors and directories to help connect you with the resources you need. We do not receive any compensation from these companies.


Permissions Management

Whether you’re quoting from another book, have a character belting out song lyrics, or want to reprint a photograph or other piece of art, permissions are an essential part of publishing quotes and other copyrighted material ethically and legally.

With Permission has helped many Indigo clients navigate the process of identifying permission needs, contacting rightsholders, and negotiating permission fees.


Sensitivity Reading

Sensitivity reading helps authors who are writing about characters or topics outside of their own lived experiences to check the authenticity of their writing and ensure they are not unintentionally offending or harming communities of readers. Topics can include: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), LGBTQ+, mental illness, PTSD, disability, religion, and much more.

Writing Diversely has a great directory where you can approach sensitivity readers specializing in the areas your book needs.

 Note that the ideal time to work with a sensitivity reader is during developmental editing and revision.


Book Publicity and Marketing

A professional book publicist can help you secure reviews, schedule interviews, line up book readings, coordinate article bylines, and much more.

Mindbuck Media works with traditionally published authors.

Charity Vandehey is knowledgeable in marketing genre fiction.

MediaConnect specializes in nonfiction.

Debbie Jayne specializes in event coordination for authors.

Mary Bisbee-Beek can customize services for your budget and needs.

 Note that timing is crucial in book publicity and marketing—it’s highly recommended that you start at least nine months before your book publication date, or approximately at the same time as line editing if you are publishing independently.

Audiobook Narration

Although Indigo produces audiobooks, our services are geared toward Portland-based authors who want to narrate their books themselves or who have a local narrator already secured.

 Findaway Voices is an excellent alternative service if you are looking to hire someone else to narrate. Their site can walk you through securing auditions for a narrator-and-producer in one.