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Sometimes the Book Is Just the Beginning

by Paul Gerald, author of The Groundhopper’s Guide to Soccer in England I had no idea my new book was going to become the hub of a new business. I simply started where I always do with my book ideas: at the intersection of what I know about, what I enjoy doing, what...

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6 Ways to Shop Book Smart This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Indigo! We wish you and your loved ones peace, comfort, good food, stability, and lots of great books. If it’s on your holiday list to support your loved ones’ pursuit of the perfectly filled bookshelf, then we’re right there with you! Here are...

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The Steps to Indie Book Publishing

by Ali Shaw “I have a completed manuscript. Now what?” It’s a common occurrence for authors to come to us knowing they want to publish themselves and knowing they want help to do it well, but they feel unsure of the steps that go into self-publishing at a professional...

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3 Tips to Get Yourself into the Marketing Mindset

by Susan DeFreitas For many debut authors, so much work goes into writing their book—and, for self-publishing authors, editing, designing, producing, and distributing it—that marketing is an afterthought. But in a world where well over a million new books are...

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Track Changes Tutorial

Through being an editor for more than twelve years, Laura Garwood has learned most of Microsoft Word the hard way. She is therefore quite good at helping with problems and mistakes without judgment.

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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Self-Published Book?

by Vinnie Kinsella Preparing to put your writing out for the world to judge can be scary. When you’re self-publishing, that fear can be intensified because every decision about the book is a reflection of your tastes. This fear can begin manifesting in your...

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