About Indigo

We provide services to three main types of clients:

  • Authors who plan to publish independently and want a professionally produced book
  • Authors who hope to publish traditionally and want a competitive edge in today’s tough publishing market
  • Traditional publishing companies

Whichever type of client you are, with Indigo’s services, your finished books will be professional and you will retain all your rights.

At Indigo: Editing, Design, and More, we have a mission to improve the book world. To do this, we not only provide expert services to authors, small presses, and large publishers, but we also advocate for thriving independent bookstore commerce and greater inclusion and diversity in the publishing industry.

The name Indigo comes from the type of ink used with quills in old-fashioned country schoolhouses. The ink was made from the leaves of the indigo plant. Its dark-blue hue is a perfect color for editing—complementary to the author’s words typed in black.

Indigo started as a firm of freelance editors in 2006. It’s now grown to offer design, ebook conversion, audiobook production, and publication management services in addition to editing. With multiple publishing professionals on hand, authors can rest assured that their book will be professionally edited by an expert in their genre, designed with a keen eye toward readability, and produced with all the latest publishing trends in mind. Indigo caters to clients around the world.

Indigo: Editing, Design, and More is dedicated to sustainability in all its various forms. We track our paper usage and replace it by planting twice as many trees. Furthermore, we dedicate time and money to give back to the publishing, writing, and literacy communities, most notably through scholarships for publishing students and authors from marginalized communities.

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Indigo is a proud member of the following associations: