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Our mailing address is PO Box 5598; Beaverton, OR 97006. For FedEx or UPS deliveries, the address is

3800 SW 185th Ave. #5598; Beaverton, OR 97078. Office hours are by appointment only.

Please note that email is our preferred method of contact. Message number: 503-629-9216

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Submitting Your Project for an Estimate

Thank you for your interest in working with Indigo. To start the conversation about which services are best for your project, time frame, and cost, please submit a sample per the following guidelines.


For a book editing estimate, please submit the following via email:

  • A Word doc of a sample of up to twenty double-spaced pages from the middle of your manuscript
  • A brief synopsis of your project
  • Your project’s total word count
  • Your goals (i.e., traditional publishing or indie publishing) and inspiration for the project
  • The number of revisions you’ve completed on the manuscript

For short stories and essays, please send the complete work as well as the above information about you and the background of the project.

For book design services, please email a description of the project, your total word count, total image or figure count, and whether you’re interested in cover design, interior book design, ebook conversion, or all of the above.

For indexing services, please email a description of the project, including genre, total word count, and total image or figure count.

For any of the consulting services, please email basic details about the project, including title, genre, and where you are in the writing, production, or publicity process.

Send all materials to . We’ll match you with an editor, designer, or indexer specializing in your genre, who will prepare a free sample edit, if applicable, and cost estimate for you. If you were referred by a friend or colleague, be sure to let us know so we can thank them!


Please email a description of the types of projects you are seeking editors or designers for as well as your time frame and payment schedule to . Our editors are happy to take house editing tests if your editorial department requires them, and our designers have portfolios available for your review.

All samples submitted to Indigo are held confidential and are protected under intellectual copyright law.