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Audiobook Production

Audiobooks now make up a significant portion of book sales and library checkouts. With Indigo’s professional audiobook production service geared toward authors planning to narrate their own books (or hiring their own narrators), you can enjoy narration coaching, recording in a professional studio, proofing, editing, and mastering so your listeners can enjoy your book anywhere.

Whenever possible, we partner with a Portland-based studio so your audiobook project starts off with the highest quality recording, and then we finish the audio file rendering and editing in our office. If you are in a different region, you will need to record in a professional studio and then provide Indigo with the audio files to use this service.

The studio setup includes:

  • Fully soundproof studio
  • Personalized mic pairing to ensure the best sound recording for the narrator’s voice
  • Professional audio technician on-site to monitor all audio quality
  • iPad loaded with the final digital file of the book for easy reading during recording

Indigo’s audiobook production service includes:

  • Two narration coaching sessions prior to recording to set the narrator up for recording success
  • On-site coaching at the first recording session
  • File proofing to flag misreads or places that will need to be rerecorded
  • Custom audio editing to remove distracting noises such as mouth clicks, clothing rustles, or other sound issues so the customer has a smooth listening experience
  • Professional audio mastering for a polished sound, customized for audiobook distribution specs
  • Project management and uploading to audiobook distributors like Audible, OverDrive,, and more
  • Technical troubleshooting with distribution platforms

Memoir Sample: Broken Girl Fly

by Melissa Kay Olson | Narrated by the author | Independently Published

Fiction Sample: Iditarod Nights

by Cindy Hiday | Narrated by Desiree Wilson | Published by Ooligan Press

Nonfiction Sample: The Serpent and the Butterfly

by Ben Reebs | Narrated by the author | Published by Modern Vital

You can learn more about our audiobook producer here.

Because every project is unique, cost varies. Please complete our inquiry form for a free estimate for your project.