Audiobook Services

Audiobook Production

Professional audiobook production, including coaching, recording, proofing, editing, and mastering so your listeners can enjoy your book anywhere.

We partner with a Portland-based studio so your audiobook project starts off with the highest quality recording, and then we finish the audio file rendering and editing in our office.

The studio setup includes:

  • Fully soundproof studio
  • Personalized mic pairing to ensure the best sound recording for the narrator’s voice
  • Professional audio technician on-site to monitor all audio quality
  • iPad loaded with the final digital file of the book for easy reading during recording

Indigo’s audiobook production service includes:

  • Two narration coaching sessions prior to recording to set the narrator up for recording success
  • On-site coaching at the first recording session
  • Same-day file proofing to flag misreads or places that will need to be rerecorded
  • Custom audio editing to remove distracting noises such as mouth clicks, clothing rustles, or other sound issues so the customer has a smooth listening experience
  • Professional audio mastering for a polished sound, customized for audiobook distribution specs
  • Project management and uploading to audiobook distributors like Audible, OverDrive,, and more
  • Technical troubleshooting with distribution platforms

This service is ideal for Portland-based authors who want to record their own books or have preselected a local narrator. We can also work with authors recording in other cities or those seeking to hold narrator auditions.

Memoir Sample: Going Home

by Ali J. Shaw | Narrated by the author | From the Celebrating Animal Rescue anthology, published by Splattered Ink Press

Fiction Sample: Chicago Blues

by Jeff Stookey | Narrated by Michael Self | Published by Pictograph Publishing

Nonfiction Sample: Take the Wheel: A Woman's Guide to Buying a Car Her Own Damn Self

by Kristen Hall-Geisler | Narrated by the author | Published by Practical Fox