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Write Book (Check). Now What?

Things have been hopping around here, and­ one of our exciting developments is that our founder and executive editor, Ali Shaw, has a book coming out! Write Book (Check). Now What? is a short guide to the publishing basics that new authors need to know. When you’ve...

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Weekly Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write

Each Thursday evening between 6:00 and 6:30 Pacific, connect with us online to chat about writing. Then we’ll log off for an hour of writing time. People can continue the conversation by posting their word counts and other writing accomplishments on our Facebook...

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“But Will It Sell One More Book?”

by Jenny Kimura, Collaborative Designer Recently, one of my colleagues shared this piece of advice they’d gotten from a former boss when discussing when one should stop making corrections and let a creative piece of work out into the world. Many, many people who are...

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How to Launch a Debut Book During a Global Pandemic

by Cooper Lee Bombardier, Collaborative Editor My debut book was set to launch in May 2020. If you know anything about traditional publishing, then you know that this date was set nearly two years prior. No one could have anticipated a global pandemic and its rippling...

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Your Post-Pandemic Writing Group

by Kristen Hall-Geisler, Collaborative Editor We’ve all been hunkered down in our homes doing the best we can to deal with a difficult year, to say the least.But the trees are leafing out and the vaccines are rolling out and we’re thinking about having some hope. I’ve...

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We’re Offering a Scholarship Opportunity!

Indigo: Editing, Design, and More is offering a scholarship to an incoming Ooligan student to increase the representation of marginalized and underrepresented students in the program. Indigo believes it is crucial to support BIPOC, disabled, and people from other...

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