Coaching Services

Writing Coaching

Our coaching sessions can help guide your writing process. By discussing the story or chapter at hand with an Indigo consultant, you’ll gain perspective on your writing while it’s still in the creation and revision stages. You may also choose to start this service when your idea is new, meeting on a monthly basis to receive coaching on how to proceed with the next step in the writing process.


Publishing Consulting

Publishing consultations can answer your questions about the publishing process, whether traditional or independent publishing is best for your project, and how to go about pursuing either path. This service can dovetail with publication management.

 If you’re considering independent publishing, we recommend downloading our free Indie Publishing Checklist early in the process.


Submissions Consulting

If your goal is traditional publication, our expert editors can provide feedback on your query letter, synopsis, proposal, or other submission materials to help better your odds before you start submitting to agents and publishers.

Agent and Publisher List Development

Once your manuscript and submission materials are ready to send out, you need a list of appropriate agents and publishers to send them to. Our editors can help you research places that may be a good fit for your book and provide a report detailing submission requirements and even publication statistics and editor names where possible.


Proposal Development

Nonfiction writers aiming for traditional publication need top-notch proposals to submit to publishers or agents. Indigo’s proposal experts can take care of the tasks of researching and writing genre and sales evaluations, the author platform, a marketing agenda, and chapter summaries.


You can learn more about our editors here.

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