By Ali Shaw, Executive Editor

I have not always been a great gift giver. As a child I used to puff paint T-shirts and even gave my grandpa a gimmicky hands-free light set that was essentially flashlights zip tied to glasses frames. Yikes!

Through a little growing up, some studying of the languages of love, and a lot of thoughtful advice from my mom and husband—both excellent gift givers—I’ve learned not to rely on As Seen on TV and to focus more on what the recipient really wants and enjoys. Thankfully gift holidays don’t send my loved ones running away from me anymore.

Still, it can be tough to find just the right gift sometimes.

If you’re having a tough time finding the perfect present for the writer or reader in your life, maybe these suggestions will help:

For Writers


For writers looking to learn about publishing their book: Write Book (Check). Now What? by Ali Shaw (okay, that’s me, but I’d love to share my knowledge of publishing paths with the writers in your life) and/or a gift certificate for a one-hour Indigo consultation

For writers ready for editing or design: A gift certificate toward the cost of Indigo services

For writers who enjoy grammar humor: An Indigo adverbs mug, available in G or PG-13 versions (Enter code HAPPY for free shipping)

For Readers


Indigo clients have been busy releasing some amazing books in 2022! Check these ones out for readers on your list.


For biography readers: Martha Graham by Neil Baldwin

For memoir readers: Class Notes by Carolyn Wood

For political enthusiasts: The Trump Files by Jack Hassard

For outdoorsy readers: Valley of Giants by Lauren DeLaunay Miller


For literary fiction lovers: Water Fire Steam by Mitzi Zilka

For mystery readers: Death By series by Dani Clifton

For sci-fi, paranormal, and/or romance readers: Other Worldly series by Lauryne Wright

For young adult readers: Clockbreakers series by Kate Ristau


For audiobook listeners: Broken Girl Fly written and narrated by Melissa Kay Olson

For readers who like a little of everything: The Timberline Review published by Willamette Writers

Find more great books by Indigo clients on our Bookshop page!

And while we’re talking about Bookshop, I must take a moment to encourage you to buy your books from independent bookstores as much as possible. If you don’t know where one is near you, use this easy-peasy store finder at If you can’t make it there in person, shop directly on the store’s website if possible.

If you can’t do that, shop on, which allows you to select an indie bookstore or book-related business for the profit from your sale to be directed toward. To date, they’ve raised more than $23 million for independent bookstores! is the audiobook equivalent.

I know, many people feel Am*zon is convenient, and pretty much the whole world has an account there for easy shopping. But your local booksellers are a wealth of knowledge, recommendations, and community lifeblood. Aren’t they worth keeping in business? Read more on that here.

Ali Shaw’s to-be-read (TBR) pile is gloriously tall, and her family and friends keep adding to it, which really makes her feel the love. Her current read is The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova, which transports her back to her children’s home country whenever she has time to dip into the pages. Ali’s tenure in the book world has covered printing and binding, bookselling, editing, writing, and audiobook production, and she is always eager for the next bookmaking adventure.