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4 Tips for Successful Author Entrepreneurship

By Ali Shaw, Executive Editor I often talk with aspiring authors whose main vision is to get the book out. And with the magic of seeing their name on the cover and holding that long-awaited volume in their hands, who can blame them? And, I add, don’t you as an author...

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How to Write Engaging Characters

by Melissa Eskue Ousley, Collaborative Editor One of my favorite books about writing is On Writing by Stephen King. It’s an excellent how-to manual to hone your writing skills and create memorable characters. He once said that “books are uniquely portable magic,” and...

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Writing a Gripping Utopia

by Arwen Spicer, Author and Guest Contributor In today’s increasingly dystopian reality, readers are hungry for hope, so it’s not surprising utopian fiction is making a comeback. But just what makes a good utopian story, a delight the reader will still think about...

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 21 Ways to Practice Literary Citizenship 

Guest Post by Author Melissa Hart  I recently had the opportunity to have author Melissa Hart as a guest speaker in my Entrepreneurship in Publishing class in PSU. She has some incredible advice for practicing literary citizenship—things anyone can do, whether they're...

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