Sarah Currin

Collaborative Editor

Sarah is an editor and freelance publishing professional who is honored to work in Portland, Oregon, on the traditional lands of the Clackamas, Cowlitz, and many other tribes living along the Columbia River.

There’s nothing more magical to Sarah than the power of words, and they delight in sharing that magic with others. Whether by forging friendships over a fantasy series, choosing books for their Little Free Library to inspire readers in the neighborhood, or helping authors polish and perfect their writing, they love connecting with people about the stories we tell.

A technical editor by trade, Sarah holds a master’s degree in writing and book publishing. They are also a publishing educator teaching book editing at Portland State University. Sarah has had the pleasure of being the managing editor at Ooligan Press and working at Timber Press, Hawthorne Books, Tin House magazine, Sparkplug Comic Books, and Powell’s Books. Their editing experience is broad and includes projects ranging from highly technical reports, business- and IT-focused nonfiction, news articles, and blog posts to memoirs, thrillers, essay collections, and literary fiction. When they’re not wordsmithing, they like to collect comics, spend time with friends, and play music in their band.

“I took all your comments to heart…exciting because I could see the improvements…. So, thank you. You helped to make the story much better.

—Kim Heacox, On Heaven’s Hill (West Margin Press, 2023)