Laura Garwood

Collaborative Editor

Laura was born with a book in her hand. At the age of eight, she won a school-wide book-cover illustration contest, and she started telling people she wanted to be an “author-slash-illustrator.” Since then, she has dropped some of the visual-art dreams, but she still loves books—reading, editing, and writing—with a passion.

After receiving a BA in English from UCLA and an MA in book publishing from Portland State University, Laura started her career working as senior editor for Ink & Paper Group. Since launching her freelance career, she has edited for Ken Arnold Books, Ink & Paper Group, the Hollywood Star News, intentionally urban magazine (where she also served as lifestyle department editor), the Portland Bridge calendar, and many individuals. Laura’s popular parenting blog, Short-Winded, has received millions of hits. Outside of work, she enjoys chasing her three young children, being active outdoors, and cooking and baking.

Laura Garwood

Laura’s Services

developmental editing
line editing


historical, women’s, and young adult fiction
children’s books
academic works