Jennifer Kepler

Senior Editor

Jennifer knew she wanted to be an editor ever since she learned how to diagram sentences in seventh grade. She’s been a professional editor for over a decade, working in-house at newspapers, literary journals, and book publishers and freelancing. Currently, she’s a full-time senior production editor for a tech publisher and part-time freelance editor and proofreader. Jenn loves the variety in her work—she’s edited novels, memoirs, journal articles, children’s books, textbooks, digital course materials, and hiking guidebooks. A Florida native, she holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a minor in magazine journalism from the University of Central Florida. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she enjoys the city’s vibrant literary scene and the abundant outdoor opportunities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Jennifer Zaczek

“Thank you so much for your careful work. I can tell you understand how to approach this kind of complex guidebook and have recommended you.

—Laura Shauger, Editor, Mountaineers Books