Erin Hall

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Erin Hall’s (she/her) earliest memories involve carrying around a little book of Scottish clans and tartans, printed in 1938, and just the right size for a three-year-old’s tiny hand. Today, her love of books, old and new, remains strong. Thankfully, she now has the assistance of tote bags to lug around the too many books she often keeps within arm’s reach.

She’s the author of Dear Sylvia, Love Jane (Detective Molly Malone #1), as well as an essayist, short story writer, bookseller, and volunteer with Willamette Writers and Gather Theatre. Erin has been an open mic night host, creative writing teacher, blogger, and corporate marketer. 

As a former corporate marketing professional turned novelist, Erin uses her email marketing, content strategy, and search engine optimization skills to help other authors and small business owners promote their books, products, and services.


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