Bailey Potter

Collaborative Editor

An Oregonian who grew up reading Harry Potter and thinking she somehow fell out of the story and was born to muggles instead of being born the Chosen One, Bailey is happy to have found a career working in book publishing.

She received her BA in arts and letters at Portland State University, where she rediscovered her love for mythology and history, then returned to PSU for her MS in book publishing (and is now forever an Oolie). While Bailey is currently an assistant at Beyond Words Publishing, she is also a freelance editor and designer. She’s had the pleasure of working for a few publishers, but her favorites are those in rainy Portland. Special skills include latte art, astrology, herbal medicine, and baking.

Bailey adores reading fantasy, historical fiction, and young adult books in her free time, taking long walks through the forests or coasts of the Pacific Northwest, and crooning to her cat, Pan, and her plants. You can view her portfolio on

Ali McCart Shaw

“Wow, thank you for the amazingly helpful, very in-depth look into A Soldier of the Citadel! I can say with sincerity this is worth the money.”

—Arwen Spicer, A Soldier of the Citadel (Forthcoming)