Dear Indigo, 

I’m a writer with a lot of questions about editing and the publishing process:

 * Will an editor looking for typos also let me know if something is wrong with my story structure?

* What can I do to give my independently published, or self-published, book its best shot at strong bookstore sales?

* If I get two cats and name one Oxford and one Comma, will I get into bar fights with users of the AP style guide?

These are just a few of my many questions. Please give me some answers!

Using All My Creative Energy for My Novel so This Pen Name Is Boring



You have come to the right—or the write, ha ha—place! Each and every month, one of the Indigo folks will choose a question from the mail and answer it in this newsletter. And you don’t need to worry about clever pen names—we’re not advice columnists. We’re editors—we’ll suggest a name for you. (Editor Note: We suggest you have the character laugh here, so the reader is sure to understand this is a joke.)

Our publications consultant will advise as you think about your book as having a life outside your computer screen. Our editors will tell you juicy grammar gossip. We can talk novels and memoirs, prose and poetry, the big picture and the fine details. The Indigo person who answers your question may give you the facts and nothin’ but ’em; she may reply with questions or riddles of her own; he may answer in a style that pays homage to advice columnists or to style guides, dictionaries, and other books (our favorite advice columnists); or the Indigo person who draws the lucky letter may think, Hmmm, this is a tricky one. Hey, look over there—a flying purple elephant! Just kidding on that last one—we’ll always do our best to provide insightful, useful answers to your editing and publishing questions. As members of this company, we’re entering our eighth year in the publishing field; as individuals, we’ve been at this a lot longer.

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